About ReCreations Jewelry

The inspiration for my designs comes from being surrounded by antiques and collectibles most of my life.  My family owned a country store and I personally owned an antique business for 20 years.  Moving forced me to shut that business down, but I could not part with the jewelry and other smalls that intrigued me.

Shortly after moving, I started playing with the idea that jewelry and keepsakes from our past could be recycled and repurposed into modern pieces that can be worn today.  Vintage pins, bracelets and necklaces are used in my designs; along with earrings, buttons, cuff links, tie tacks, promotional items, premiums, souvenirs and political buttons.  I am constantly on the lookout for something new to inspire my creativity.

While I enjoy making custom pieces from my own discoveries, I can also make a design from those family treasures that are in your own drawer or closet.  My newly crafted creations will be a reminder of your families heritage.

Each piece is custom-made and a unique one-of-a-kind creation.  Enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I have enjoyed designing them for you.  What a beautiful way of bringing our past, present and future together.

ReCreations Jewelry by Paula has been serving the Rochester, New York community since 2007. Please check out EVENTS to see where I am exhibiting next.